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Pat “Sinner” Pasquale - Theatrix

weavecrew said: Where were they before? Blitz?

Yeah, instead of going to Baker Boys (which would’ve made more sense) they went with Blitz since Baker left them there was a Party/Hijinx void over there, gotta say tho they got outta there pretty swiftly. Reynolds had to drop a fat stack from his Maloof winning to buy out the Baker contract over there

When you think about it LE joining Element & Plan B @ Branch Dist. makes sense when you really look at the shit.

  • Tosh Townend took Sinner & Neen on the Crossing America Tour years ago, which was funded by Element.
  • Darrell Stanton left Element to try and get on LE (didn’t work)
  • Tony Tave left Element and hung around Nick & Sinner til’ LE started.
  • Nyjah parties with Sinner
  • Element funded a joint tour with them

Not really a big surprise plus Element & Plan B are pretty mainstream so of course they’re gonna try to balance that out with a more “Party” styled brand. Hopefully this will lead to LE finding a good direction to go in tho.


Pat Pasquale’s “Theatrix” Part Shop Online @

So far the LE video is solid Skate-wise, editing wise tho it could’ve been better. Tapasso’s part had some bangers but all the slowmo takes away from his style a bit, Duncombe’s part was a lil better but still. I was expecting a Baker video on Acid but so far its a different vibe entirely, but at least they’re avoiding a lot of the current trends and continuing to do their own thing. 



Twuan, coming home soon?

Twuan, coming home soon?





Yoooo like Tumblr stay suggesting me the weirdest blogs man, like I’m getting foot fetish post in my dash now. Stahp it bruh, just stop

Anonymous said: Yo nigga you rad as fuck, what do you think of childish gambino tho

He’s meh to me, nothing amazing but nothing horrible either